E:\is not Accessible "Access is denied"

Please Help Me, I have been trying for days and I am still waiting for a response with support.  I have a Surface Pro 2 and I plugged a new 4 port USB hub in my 1 usb slot.  I was going to write files from my WD Ultra drive to a DVD Re-write drive.  But first I removed one anti-virus program and installed Norton from a disk which took forever.  I think I know now why because of power.  Didn’t know this was such a problem and maybe I should get a better USB Hub?  Anyway when I attached the WD Passport Ultra 1 GB drive It recognized the drive but this message popped up:  small rectangle box Red circle with an X in it heading on the box “Location is not Available”  message in the box "E:\is not accessible   below it “Access is denied”  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  I know the files are all there because I was able to run a scan of the drive and it scrolled through all the files and there were no problems with any of the files.  I have tried through the properties to allow access and it is all checked but it still pops up.  I tried it in another computer and same message.  Yes I shut the computer down and directly connected it to the tablet.  Still no go.  PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.  I Cant loose these files again.  Not sure if they all backed up on my “My Cloud” that is on my router.

Hi kerobbymom, it is probable that your files are corrupted, with the help of a data recovery program you should be able to recover most of them. Using Google you can find several options. 

I’m not sure now why any of the files would be corrupt. I haven’t added anything new to the portable hard drive and it was working fine. The recovery programs did not help. Any other suggestions?