DynDNS no longer FREE! HELP

Great Dyndns is no longer a free service and my “N900 Central Router” only supports dysdns.org or TZO which both are now part of or owned by Dyn.com. Is there an alternative? I used the free service to log onto my cameras! HELP WD change this in your next firmware update! Leave it open to your customers to choose a free DNS service please. Thanks. Any suggestions would be welcome peace

Run a dynamic DNS updating program from a PC on the network, openDNS has a program to do just that.

Just by going to http://myipaddress.com and you can figure out your ip address. What the nature of my post is that I rely on the router to automatically check my ISP assigned IP address and I use the “dyndns.org” subdomain name i.e “whatever.dyndns.com” and use it on my cell phone to access my home network/cameras/dvr etc when I am miles away from the router. Thanks for your input though but not the solution I need for my problem.

Hello Guys,

I am here because I do have the same problem. My N750 also does only support those two, in fact the one and there are plenty of other free alternatives which would do the job perfectly fine aswell.

I know this is kind of old now, but as there has only been one response, that does not adress the problem I would hope to get a better solution here.

An email about this went out to all DynDNS Free account holders on or about May 15.

DynDNS will continue to be free.  All that is required is you log into your account every 30 days.  That’s an actual log in, and not the “check/update my ip” thing via the router, DynDNS app or third party app.

This is the log in page: https://account.dyn.com

If it’s that important, the Pro service is $10 for a year (see the email they sent you for the discount link).  Or if one is incapable of an every-30-days discipline, it’s otherwise $25 a year.  Using your discount link, that $25 will get you two years, five for $75.

Although it would be nice if the router could be configured for other services!


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Hey dallas7,

Thank you for that piece of news.

The thing is, I have not yet had an account at DynDNS. I had been thinking about making one and getting my pcs ready for WOL and such for a long time now, but I actually never came around to do that.

So, I guess I’m going to have to figure out, if it’s possible too with a completely new account.
It would be really nice though. Loging in every 30 days is a piece of cake imho :wink:

Thanks again!