Dynamic DNS not connecting

Looks like OS5 isn’t using an https connection to connect to www.dyndns.org? Or it’s not connecting for some other reason.

Could @WD_Admin please confirm this is working as expected in OS5?

Same issue here, since updating to OS 5 Dynamic DNS has stopped working

Can we please get some acknowledgment that a fix is at least “in the works”?

WD Community,

We confirm that there are no issues with DDNS with FTP Server, however your posts are not verify specific.
What are you trying to access from outside of your network using DDNS?


Status never changes from “Connecting”, this was working previously.

(I’ve stripped the “Host Name” and “Username or Key” values from this image manually)

@trakz can you get the HAR file from Google Chrome so that we can see what api call is failing? Also, collect the My Cloud system logs and send over to support?

Oh come on… you’re asking me to expose username/password authentication information for a DynDNS service:

"content": { "size": 227, "mimeType": "text/xml", "text": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n<ddns>\n<enable>1</enable>\n<username>REMOVED</username>\n<pwd>REMOVED</pwd>\n<domain>REMOVED</domain>\n<server>www.DynDNS.org (Custom)</server>\n<timeout>576</timeout>\n</ddns>\n" }, "redirectURL": "", "headersSize": -1, "bodySize": -1, "_transferSize": 280, "_error": null },

For an issue you can trivially recreate? You’ve got two users in the forum identifying that this isn’t working, with a screenshot of the behaviour. At least try to register your own DynDNS name (it’s a default option within the NAS), and advise if you’re successful.