Dynamic DNS as an external way to FTP into DL4100

I have been unsuccessful in establishing FTP externally (out of office network). My method: Dynamic DNS (DDNS). My router, as well as the DL4100 has DDNS capabilities. All of that was set up successfully. What is does is gives you a URL instead of your external IP (which our ISP changes all the time so we need it updated through DDNS). FileZilla converts it immediately to whatever our external is at the time (it self updates). Inside our network (internal router IP), logging into the DL through FTP works fine. Ports are forwarded within the DL and router both pointing toward the DL’s IP configured as static in the router, and MyCloud access is achievable. However, we do not want to use the WD ware or website as a means of using the filing system (it is not practical for business and map editing). And of course, in office we just map the DL to access it so don’t tell me to do that. This is an external login issue.

Some points: FTP is turned on in the DL, Static IP is turned on in the DL. Our main directory share is FTP enabled in the DL.

FileZilla does this:

Status: Resolving address of examplehostname.mynetgear.com
Status: Connecting to… (example of our IP getting translated)
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Initializing TLS…
Status: Verifying certificate…
Status: TLS connection established.
Status: Logged in
Status: Retrieving directory listing…
Status: Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Passive mode failed.

As you can see it actually logs me in, and verifies my username and password, then does that. Any ideas?:confounded:

I do not do much FTP but TLS is new to me. You installed a cert for this?
Is the dialogue the same when you use filezilla in the office, except it works?

Does the TLS use an “extra” port?

Hi Gramps,

When going through the office network it retrieves the directory listing successfully, so the message is from outside the network only. The link you sent has to do with Linux, which we are not using. Any advice from anyone is appreciated.

Your server is Linux. All I am trying to point out is I believe you need to forward more ports in your router. You could put your DL in the DMZ zone to test it from afar

or just google your error http://bfy.tw/8B3D
Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Passive mode failed

No more ports to forward. All settings between the DL and my router were confirmed to be correct by WD tech tier 2. Double checked, ports needed were open and the DL even said “Port forwarding connection established” in the dashboard. All with status, “Okay”. Took a look at the server logs…SAMBA all over the place…so yeah you are right, it’s Linux. Still trying to find a solution, and I get the same FileZilla message with the proper setup in place.

Then I suspect it is what your error indicates. The dl is sending the internal port and it needs the external port as per those posts above.

But how you change that in the DL I have no putty

I somehow got it working. It required:

-Forwarding a port range that FTP revealed to be necessary (by doing math with a Port ID that was blocked).
-Forwarding the port for TLS encryption
-Completely rebooting the DL4100, then power cycling our modem and router (IN THAT ORDER).
-Turning on several port forwards in the DL Dashboard default service scan that showed up on their own as FTP ports (my port forwarding range in the router covers them all).
-Use the same external and internal port numbers.

I believe the hangups come from the DL not properly notifying our router which ports to select in UpNp and Windows communicating with Linux (hence the power cycling). The good news: TLS means encryption is occurring and the DL proved to be viable for FTP through tons of research, troubleshooting, and WD customer support Tier 2 (they gave up and I solved it before ever hearing back from them).