Can’t connect to DX4000 after recovery.

Error during connect to “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.”

I used EMEA_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.iso for recovery, no problems during installation. It was possible to communicate with client PC during recovery.

DX4000 is in the same network, ping is ok, firewall is deactivated, antivirus SW is offline.

any idea

From a PC try to remote to the desktop  MSTSC

User Administrator

Password Admin  (big A)

see if setup is showing there and or shutdown/restart from the server desktop.  Not power off with the button

Yes, it’s possible to connect via RemoteDesktop to DX4000, but there is only a blue background and a messagebox titeled “Set Up Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essential” with the message “Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.”

It’s possible to close this window by pressing ALT-F4.

Then I get the desktop.

There is also a black CMD window, but with no informations.

It’s also possible to open the file explorer. There I can see the Partition C: D: and E:

Theoretically I could finish the installation, but I dont now in which way.

In the task manager there are 69 processes, it seems the system is running

I can reboot the server. After this, its the same.

Any new idea?

first step is to verify your download to make sure it is perfect.  IF it is, I would reload the server again and see what happens

I loaded the EMEA_SvrRecovery_1_7_5_17.iso image again, generate a new USB image and now it works.


You’re welcome.  Happy Trails