DX4000 stuck on migrating during drive expansion

Greetings All,

I bought the 6 GB (2x3GB) DX4000 several months back and it has been working out great. A week ago I bought an additional 3GB expansion drive for this server, for the 4th drive bay, directly from WD’s website. I had added a third drive about 6 months after purchase. (Yes, I am sure that it is the exact hard drive for this server). When I recieved the new drive I simply inserted the drive and it began migrating the data almost immediately. Over the course of several hours that day the migration percentage rose to 10.42%, and then it stopped. Now 3 days later it is still stuck on “MIGRATING…10.42%”. I can hear the drives working and the blue lights across all 4 drives are flashing in sync. Every indication is that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, but isn’t 3 days a bit long? If this continues, would it be safe to, or would there be any benefit, to rebooting the server through the Dashboard? I don’t dare touch anything at this point but have decided to backup all of the data to external drives in the event of a failure/data corruption. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I have no clue if rebooting would help or hurt.  If after 5 days or so it is still at 10.42% I don’t see how it could be any worse.

I am just trying to figure out where you got a 3 drive version?

WD Link http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=610

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sentinel-DX4000-Business-Network-Storage/dp/B005INAIRY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373248495&sr=8-1&keywords=wd+sentinel+dx4000

Thanks. It’s not a 3 drive version. All DX4000’s ship with four drive bays. The 4th bay was empty and is the bay I inserted the 3TB drive into, the other three bays have 3TB drives in them so now I have one 3TB drive in each of the four bays. Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

Drive bay 1=3TB

Drive bay 2=3TB

Drive bay 3=3TB

Drive bay 4=3TB recently inserted (stuck at "Migrating 10.42%)

Also, the server holds mission critical data so rebooting is not an option until I have backed the files up to the another drive. I guess I’m asking if 3 days and counting is a long time for data migration.

I know all DX 4000 have 4 bays, I was just not aware they shipped anything with 3 drives?

They don’t. I originally ordered the 6TB server which shipped with two 3TB drives. I added a third 3TB after that, which migrated and RAID’d fine, now I have installed a fourth 3TB drive, which is hung up “Migrating”.

There is no Standard configuration of DX4000 that ships with 3 drives pre-installed. It’s going to be either 2 drives pre-installed or all 4 drives.


Have you tried reaching to WD Support for help?

I did not have 3 drives preinstalled. I never said that!!!

I had 2 (TWO) 3TB’s that came with the server. I added a third 3TB drive about 6 montths after I took delivery, and now I added a fourth 3TB drive that is hung up. Thank goodness a WD rep. sent me an email and I will be callling them as this is getting nowhere.

You said you had a 9TB version :)  I see you changed to explain.  Let us know what you learn from WD please and thank you.


You are correct. And sorry for sounding snippy earlier. As luck would have it, tonight I curiously logged into the Dashboard after a period of rather intense drive activity and sluggish performance. There was a data migration error (yellow exclamation) and I decided what the heck, held my breath, and rebooted the server. It took several minutes to reboot, but low and behold when it came back up all drives are reporting as operating normally and the total drive capacity reflects the additonal 3TB drive I added a few days ago. Total capacity now up to 8323.3GB. Eureka! I am guessing that something got “stuck” e.g. it didn’t perform a required reboot sequence at the completion of the migration process, but that the migration across all four drives continued as normal. I just didn’t know it because it appeared stuck on “Migrating… 10.42%”. In any event I really appreciate everyone’s taking an interest in my issue. :wink:

Well ya !  Glad it is working.  If you ended up conatacting WD after they pinged you, would like to hear how that went.  EIther here or a private msg if you prefer.

And thank you for finding and using this forum,  Helps us all.


I did not speaking with WD CS. I email-replied with a date and time for them to call at their request but subsequently cancelled that after the resolution. Thanks