Dx4000 storage degraded

Good evening to everyone.
After a week that my Sentinel had a message that said “LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT…” I decided to restart it. Now other message appears: “STORAGE DEGRADED” with “DRIVE COUNT 0”. I have 4 disks of 4TB inside, I don’t know why the counter indicates zero.
Thanks so much for your help.

Is it working even though the LCD is incorrect?

Ciao Enzo,

The message means the RAID is no longer in place and you have (at least) a faulty disk.From the photo it looks like all the LED are off which is strange, the wrong disk should show a red LED. I wonder whether maybe the SATA board completely failed. I would follow gramps suggestion to access with remote desktop the unit and see if it still alive, or at least try to open the dashboard from a remote client


If I try to search it from my explorer, I found it, and I can see all the folders inside… this make me thing that it’s working…
I confirm you that all the LED are off and the LED status isn’t red. From the control panel in this moment I can’t see the state of the storage, only a message that says “loading information”…

Sounds like it is fine, the WD services are not started
first check the date on the box, not the time, the month, day, and year
Then open services.msc and see if you can start the wd services

I’ve found that the time was incorrect, I´ve fixed it… But all the WD services are running…