DX4000 Remote Web Access - Domain name Setup - Next button not available


I have setup this option before on the DX4000 without this issue occuring.

I’m trying to setup remote access, click setup under Domain name, this takes me to the getting started page.

click next takes me to the “Do you own a domain name?”

If anything is pressed the “Next” button is greyed out and then a message is displayed

“An error occurred while setting up your domain name”

I have also noticed the above error message can occur at any point in the setup process, it seems to take around 20 seconds before it is displayed

Any ideas?


Are you using a compatible Domain controller for the DX4000?

See the list of compatible controllers


Are you using a free Domain or you have your own Domain?

Do me a favor and check the date on the server.  You will have to rdp/mstsc to the server desktop to do this.  If the date is correct, restart the Active Directory Certificate Services service.  If the date is wrong, correct it and then restart the service.

The try the wizard again please.