DX4000 recovery fail

Hi everyone. I have had a sentinel for years and it’s been fine. The other day it refused to boot… something with the OS. I looked online and downloaded the recovery tool, following the instructions to unlock the drive, rebuild the array and recover (leaving data intact).

But when the rebuild is done - all the data is gone. Any ideas how I can get my data back?

You might try some kind of undelete software. One that mentions FDISK or FORMAT. A data recovery service like Ontrak, but they are very expensive.

How many drives are in the box?

Thanks for your reply. There are four drives in a raid config.

The annoying thing is that the drives are all fine, the data was all intact but the devices OS just failed to boot. I followed the instructions to the letter but now all my data is gone.

if the error was 0x9 no one has gotten their data from a recovery.