DX4000 Raid parameters

My DX4000 went down…again. I am now trying to recover some, or perhaps all, of the data. I consistently get either “Bad Storage” or “OxD9” error codes when trying to use the WD recovery app with USB stick. No luck with that. Now trying a third party RAID recovery software program. However, I need the RAID parameters (as listed below) since it won’t recognize the RAID automatically.

  1. Start Sector
  2. Stripe/Block size
  3. Parity Order/Rotation (Left or Right, Synchronous or Asynchronous)
  4. Parity Order Map (order of drives 1,2,3,4 or 2,1,3,4, etc.)
  5. Parity Reception/Delay (a number ranging from 1-32)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

No answers for you.
Try a different 3rd party recovery tool? Most are free to see the data pay to drag and drop. Perhaps the free would give you your values?

So far have tried Stellar Raid Recovery, Diskinternals Raid Recovery, and Runtime’s Raid Reconstructor. No luck with any of them. All give me the screen to enter the raid parameters manually. I can do it, but there are at least 768 possibilities.

Sorry, I am no help. You have gone where I never have. I thought those things just worked. As in from others. My guess is it is bad, but you should reach out to those vendors.
The only thing I can say is 0x9 means as far as the DX4000 thinks all data is gone.
To get a working box again means recreate storage which will wipe any chance you have of getting the data.
Again, sorry I can not help you, but please let us know if you get anywhere.

So, I have been able to recover the data without using the WD programs. It is time consuming (computer time, not my time), but it works.

I purchased Stellar Data Recovery Technician ($200). After trying to, unsuccessfully, recover the data as a RAID5 configuration, I just treated each disk in the Raid Array as a separate disk. Then I used to option to search for “lost partitions”. For a 3TB drive, that takes anywhere from 1-30 hours, depending on how much data is on the disk. Just a note, ideally use a PC or Laptop that you can dedicated to this task. For a 12TB Raid 5 (4 disks), I figure it going to take about 1-2 weeks to recover all of the data files.

If no partition showed up (as it did on one drive), then you do a “Deep Scan” and find all partitions that have been deleted (if you do this, choose the one with the largest number (mine had 10 deleted partitions), as that will be the latest one). Once all partitions are listed you can select one (first seems to be the OS and second seems to be data files) to see what recoverable files are there. Again, this will take some time depending on how large the partition is and how many files are there. Just let the it run (as much as 24 hours, sometimes more) until a file list shows up. Then, select FILE TYPE view, and see what is there. You can select which file types you want to recover and then recover them to a different disk, NOT the one you are scanning. Again, this takes time to transfer the files, especially over a USB connection for both the RAID disks and the recovery disk going the the laptop.

Time consuming, in terms of computing time, but it is getting all of my data back. If the photos and videos don’t work after recovery, the Stellar software has a “repair” function on the main menu that will fix that.

Hope this helps some else.

Did the free version give you a hint that it would work?
Congrats on success

thanks for sharing this experience on data recovery