DX4000 - no network connections available - but they are

For some time now our DX400 has been sending alert emails stating No network connection available - no ethernet ports are connected. But it does have a connection.
I check even viewer and see the following:
Event ID: 32002
Source: WDSoftwareUpdateProvider
Exception in WDSoftwareUpdateProvider.HostService.ProviderService.GetHttpResponse: The operation has timed out
Under System I have no events.

I must stress we do not actually lose network connectivity - my RDP never actually drops.
If it’s the same notification (have never caught it at the same time) but I have seen the screen on WD say no network connection - again at the same time I can navigate in RDP.

I searched the world wide web and I see a couple posts other places with the same issue but no resolution.
Any ideas?
or could it be WDSoftwareUpdateProvider is timing out and creating a false error?

This does not happen at the same time
This does not happen every day
This sometimes happens multiple times over the course of a few hours (usually over night - but not always)
Windows is up to date
WD software version is up to date.
We have also switched network ports and the same error cont.

Any ideas would be appreciated as we would like actually fix if something is wrong and eliminate these alerts, but still receive alerts due to failed backups.
Thanks in advance.

Just a guess as I have no clue, but can you try a different DNS server?
as well go into the dashboard monitor and delete the alert perhaps it is just firing notification for an old alert?

Thank you for your reply.
The dashboard monitor does not display the alert for network disconnect.
It is only in the Alerts emailed.
I changed the DNS.
Lets see what happens over the weekend.

there has to be an alert fired to get the email ??


Yes, but there are none. If there are it clears on it’s own. I have yet to see one appear.
The Alert email comes in, but alert is from 30 min ago by the time it shows in my email.
Look at rdp session (as it did not disconnect) No alerts for network connection.

I was wondering if the network is dropping for less than a second, not enough to sever RDP, but enough to trigger an alert. But when monitoring it with Solar Wind there are no dropped packets.

do the alerts show the time of the error? Does it change?
The alert that was emailed should be in the alert viewer.
You might disable email alerts and re-enable for giggles

I will follow up next week. I changed the DNS, and don’t want to do a bunch of fixes at once.
We did not receive an alert last night. I will have to see if one is triggered over the weekend.
I have yet to see any alerts for network connection in the alert viewer.

FYI - I’ve been getting similar error messages for weeks maybe over a month. Very annoying. It pops up on my desktop.