DX4000: no HD space available for W2008 essential

In the last days the W2008 Essential partition (60 Gb) became completely full only by performing the standard Windows Update processes. I did not add any additional software, 60 Gb are needed only by Windows and now update processes are blocked due to lack of space. I tried of course the clean disk process without any improvement.

Anybody found a possible way out? I guess changing the partition size if of course out of question


Folks have used 3rd party tools like partition magic to resize partitions.

I dunno, I still have 21gb free.  Do you access it a lot from afar as in c:\intepub\log files have a bunch of stuff?

Try WINDIRSTAT installed on D: to save space and see if you can determine what is using up the space?

I looked into the forum and I retrieved the solution found by another user which was to empty c:\windows\temp which for some reasons is not cleaned using the standard Windows procedure. Almost 20 Gb where freed and at least this issue solved

Good deal.  Thanks for the update.