DX4000 No Dashboard Access - Repeated Error

I have a WD Sentinel DX4000 and I am unable to access the Dashboard. I keep getting the error that is shown above. I think it might have something to do with space being limited or shared files (I still have a large amount of space 1.5TB the last time I could login an see it). Every article I can find says login to the dashboard and do this… well I cant actually login to access it and see any issues. I can still access my data just not the dashboard. I am technical but not a server expert (its for a small business). Any guidance would be appreciated?

from a client click start and type
press enter
for the computer but the server name or ip
user: administrator
password: whatever it is

You will then be at the server desktop and check space etc.
You can also try the dashboard from the server
look in the event logs for error(s)
restart the server gracefully
try the dashboard in safemode

Hi Gramps - Thanks so much. I can get to the remote connection and then click on “Dashboard” it doesnt actually do anything. I can access the data from the bottom left. Would the picture suggest I have a very small amount of storage? (or perhaps a faulty drive?)

The picture is fine. You need to right click on each C: and D: for properties to see space used
dashboard should open or give an error? Look in the event log also