DX4000 INITIAL CONFIG. hangs at 94%

Good Day,

My DX4000 stopped (3 hours till now) at 94% on its initial configuring stage.

Please help.


Hello there,

What is the size of the unit? Perhaps it is till creating the RAID volume.

No, it would not have started this GUI setup if it was still creating the raid. If the raid was initializing it would not have flipped through the setup portion and hang at 94%

It just got hung at a step in setup. the logs in the hidden folder
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs
may help

Hello Gramps,

I am having the same issue. After I restored using the iso “PANAM_SvrRecovery_01_05_14_18”, using the option to not delete my data files, The Initial Config started slowly but advancing. After 10 hours it still displays “Initial Config 94%”.
Should I try to reboot the Sentinel?
I have tried to restart my desktop as suggested by another user but it didn’t solve the issue.

How many drives are in it?
Can you ping the box or remote into it?

Four drives. Although after restarting the whole recovery process and disabeling the update options before starting the configuration it went all the way through.
The sentinel window still shows “Storage Degraded” but I am able to connect to it. I am still havimng issues when I try to connect to the sentinel from a windows based PC, I keep getting the message that I am not authorized. Using the same credentials from a Macintosh allows me to connect without any problem.

Oh geez never select check for updates
get your data off and wipe and reload