DX4000 drive failure questions

I have a drive failed indicator on my 12TB DX4000 configured as Raid 5. Some questions:

(1) I cannot access it at all. Is this expected? It is about 9 hours since the drive failed.
(2) Can I mix and match compatible drives from the supported drive list for APAC?
(3) Can I mix APAC and EMEA drives from the compatibility list? And why are they different parts??
(4) Any disadvantage in powering down the device while I wait for replacement drive?

All help appreciated.


With just one drive failed you should still be able to access it. Does the LCD work, show an IP? Can you ping the box?

I have no clue why APAC and EMEA would have diff numbers or if they mix. Drives have to be the same size or bigger. But if you had a 3tb and use a 4tb it will work but only use 3tb and the other 1tb will be wasted/unusable

No response to ping. Regular WMI log monitoring stops after some messages indicating the drive is failing (I run a lab and this is part of the monitoring) and then has failed. RDP access fails, Client access fails. Looks pretty dead. LCD shows the message DRIVE FAILED. Power LED is Flashing Red. Drive LED is solid Red. DRIVE FAILED is not a documented status message.

I think I can source a replacement drive but probably not quickly. As far as I can tell the area code probably refers to packaging and the actual drive part is the same.

Is there any down side to hitting the power button? While it is on another drive could fail and all data is lost…when it powers up another drive can fail…Catch 22. I’m inclined to power down but I have no idea if this a really bad idea.

I think it is bad already if it will not do anything. One bad drive should not stop a RAID array. You kinda have zero choices other than power off. Of course try one short press first and see if it will shut itself down, but I doubt that it will. If it does that may mean it was actually running but the network is out ?

If you scroll through the LED does it show an ip? You might try a different cat 5 cable/switch/etc before you power off just to cover all the bases

I have redundant network connections but both to the same switch…but this PC is on the same switch. Cannot get anything on the LCD apart from DRIVE FAILED. Last log messages that look relevant are shown below, about 1 minute between the first and the last - Note that drive showing as failed is Drive 2:||System||332948||iaStor||9||61||1471703462||1||||||||1||Volume Volume0: Degraded.
||||||1||\Device\Ide\iaStor0||The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.||Application||1041356||IAStorDataMgrSvc||0||61||1471703531||2||host.domain.local||||||1||Volume Volume0: Degraded.
Volume Volume0: Degraded. ||Volume Volume0: Degraded.
Volume Volume0: Degraded.||Application||1041355||IAStorDataMgrSvc||0||61||1471703531||1||host.domain.local||||||1||Disk on port 3: Failed.
Disk on port 3: Failed.||Disk on port 3: Failed.
Disk on port 3: Failed.

That’s all I got, not sure it sounds good

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Hard shut - leant on the power button - then power on after a minute or two. Now have STORAGE DEGRADED and can ping. Same drive showing as failed. Looks like I can access it now.

I guess I try and get everything off while I source a new drive…and I install the drive whitelist patch…maybe.

Thanks for the response Gramps. Always good to have a second (experienced) opinion in situations like these :slight_smile:


Yes, great news ! Get what you can copied and I agree the whitelist patch would be an excellent idea.
Best of luck .