DX4000 Cycling through startup initializing and restarting


Hey all…

I’ve had one of these running for about a year now.

Now it is giving problems all of a sudden - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAeGIIm4INk

The exact issue in that video (not my video) except mine will boot to the 4th blue light and then shut off and continue this cycle while power is plugged in. Very frustrating.

Is there any saving this or is the device done?

What about my data? If the device is toast how can I get my data off?

UPDATE: I’m looking into the potential for this to be a failing power supply issue.


looks like hw issue with very little chances to be fixed. For the data it should be possible to recover everything connecting the drives to another workstation and using utilites like free raid recovery. Otherwise find a 2nd hand DX4000 and install the drives there if the problem is not related to the drives themselves. Did you try to book without any drive installed?


I’ll give it a shot but this is looking more and more like a failed power supply or a capacitor on the board somewhere as the amount of time it takes before it cycles is actually dropping. It only gets to the first blue light now.


FWIW I think @DTMtech nailed it.


This turned out to be a bad power supply.

The power supply I had was only reading 1.4v output when it should have been 19v.

To test, I found that I had an extra Dell Laptop power supply that outputs at 19.5v and 4.62 amps. Close enough to the 4.74 amps at 19 volts required by the DX4000 and I figured the DX4000 should have enough tolerance for an additional 500 millivolts. The extra 500 millivolts makes up for the lack of amps: 19 volts X 4.74 amps = 90.06 watts and 19.5 volts X 4.62 amps = 90.09 watts. I tested all this with a multimeter the proper way and made sure I connected the polarity the correct way.

I spliced the power connecter for the DX4000 onto the dell laptop power supply and my DX4000 has completely booted up and is currently verifying its storage.

I’ll continue to monitor but it booted up just fine after plugging it in, after not being plugged in since I made the OP. Back ups start now just to be safe.

So for future reference: a dell laptop power supply can be used to power one of these if spliced onto the proper connector.


wonderful !!!
Sometimes you can find the power supplies on eBay