DX4000 cloud backup options

I am currently using a DX4000 along with the “KeepVault” online/cloud backup solution.

Recently we had an issue and found the “KeepVault” has not backed up a recent copy of an important database file because they do not have shadow copy.  In a perfect world we would like everyone to close out of the database but that doesn’t happen.

I do like the simplicity of KeepVault and we had to restore a file that was easy to gain access to from the Internet.  If they did shadow copy then I would keep their solution.

Can anyone recommend another online/cloud backup solution that does shadow copy?

Nothing on the cloud, I mean I don’t know off hand.  I was just pondering if you could schedule a bat file of some sort that would close the connections before the online backup fired ?

Was thinking about this.  VSS  does not imply that your dtabase is VSS aware if that makes sense.  Microsoft writes writters for application like Exchange so they can be backed up “live”.

What we (they, not me) do for SQL is program SLQ backups with the SQL app itself to the local disc and then we can backup those no problems.

So you might look in your app to see if you can schedule backups, that would go to the cloud cleanly