DX4000 change server name

I need to change the DX4000 server name to make it working with our standard workstation configurations. From dashboard I did not find any way to achieve this. Also accessing the Windows 2008 server with remote desktop and opening control panel / system it is not possible to change the server name as “certificate authentication” is installed. Same is true with windows powershell (Rename-Computer is not recognized)

Any clue?

thanks and regards



The note during setup that says you cannot change the name after setup is correct.  You have to reinstall/start over to run setup again.

You can’t change the server name and not break things, the server runs a Certificate Authority, and if you change the name it breaks the CA, if you need to rename it you will need to recover it. Plan to spend several hours to 1/2 day on that exercise.

Because…why would you want to rename your server? no one ever needs to do that.