DX4000 causing Broadcast Storms on Cisco 2960G / ASA 5512X

Greetings. I have our 8TB DX4000 connected to a Cisco 2960G switch. Both NICs are connected to the same switch.  Spanning Tree is enabled on the switch.

Every so often, at random times, our single router, an ASA 5512x goes crazy with “Scanning Attacks” rising to 2500/s  (normally, it shows 10-20).  When I enable logging in the ASDM at debugging level, I see that the source of the traffic is the DX4000 broadcasting to UDP packets to   Doing a “shut” on one of the ports, then a “no shut” immediately resolves the problem until the next random time it occurs.

Does anyone know if specific settings on the switch could prevent this ? Or any settings on the individual NICs in the

TEAM on the DX4000 (I know that many Teaming options are disabled on the DX4000).  And I presume the NICs are set up for AFT, so it’s ok to place them on the same switch.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



I’d call WD on this one.

Because the DX4000 has a built-in media streaming service, it’s probably broadcasting UDP in order to tell DLNA/UPnP devices it’s there. You can try turning off the media servcies, if you don’t need them.