DX4000 BSOD on Windows 7 x64

The Windows 7 x64 box is my primary machine. When I copy large amounts of data to the DX4000 my PC goes to BSOD.  I have 4 external USB drives, another NAS (Sans Digital) and various shares on other computers and media devices. I ONLY get the BSOD when I copy files to the Sentinel. It happens whether I do a direct file copy or if I use folder syncing software, such as Syncback. There is something specific to this device causing the BSOD. Any ideas/suggestions? I’d like to start doing regular, full-system back-ups (~250G), but would like to get this resolved first. If it’s of any help, the mini-dump can be found here…


Where you able to solve this?

I had an HP laptop that would do the same thing during the backups. What was happening the drive was getting to a specific location where the reading arm was having difficulty reading. This caused my windows 7 64 bit to blue screen. If this is the same problem it will get worse. You should buy a replacement hard drive. The second problem is getting your data from the old to the new drive. I was not able to get all the data because as soon as the copy program got to that specific area on the hard drive the rest of the copy would fail. If the problem is just a bad sector most copy programs will just bypass that sector but because the arm was failing in a specific location the drive would lock up.