DX4000 and Port 80

So as I understand, Port 80 is by default forwarded to some physical path on the sentinel that allows you to open a browser and type in the IP address / connect and download the launchpad connectivity software.
I have recently installed software that overwrites that, and claimed port 80 for itself (FM Server) .
I can kind of figure out how to turn that on or off, by starting up IIS, I can see the sites and what is directed to port 80. The problem is I want to manually change it so port 80 goes back to what it was be default, and that allows me to use the dashboard program from my remote computer, can anyone lend a hand on this ?

Mine is not on now to try it, but I am fairly certain everything actually uses port 443. So from afar you simply type all the url’s with an “s”

Your other choice is to install FM Server on a different port like 8080
http://server:8080 would then start FM Server

I should rephrase my question. I could actually uninstall FM server right now and my problem would be the same. I am no expert at this but I do know when I run IIS I can see the web servers running and what ports they are using and what the path is to the files you see when you load that web page, and im sure the sentinel would have had its web server info in there before I did all this.

Currently it does not have anything, So what im asking is first and foremost, where on the sentinel are the web page files actually located that host the page you see when you browse to IP/Connect ?

Did you try https://server_ip/connect ?
It should work unless you manually deleted the default web site
Under the default website is the connect site. I think it actually builds the connecter when you say download. But you can search you server for computer connector and find parts of it

i didn’t manually delete anything, but IIS is needed for a computer to host a website , and it shows no website besides the one created by FM Server, so deleting that would leave nothing happening when browsing IP/connect

Can you post a pic of your app pools and the default website expanded in IIS. If the forum will not let you post here you can share them on dropbox for example

Here is a link showing this default websites advanced properties, I have no idea if this is pointing to the right place, The FMserver currently has control of port 80 0r 443 or both, but I know how to turn that off.

expand the default site and post a pic of the app pools

Here you go.

Why don’t you try
https://server_ip/connect and post the pic


says 404 file not found

I would have liked to have seen the url to be sure you typed the “s” but in any event. click on your fm site and in the right hand pane click stop
then click on the default site and click restart
Do https://server_ip/connect




it never says started for the default one

You may want to look at the bindings for the default site. This may look some different as it is from 2012R2 Essentials, same web stuff though.