DX 4200 Recovery ISO

I need to recover the OS on a DX4200, I have looked for direction, and looked in this forum and have come up empty. What do I need too do to get a link to a Server 2012 ISO and what do I need to do to compare md5 files?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

If you have a sticker on the box you should be able to activate the trial… That said this link is storage server 2012 and I do not remember if it was 2012R2

The second link may give you the WD tools

You should contact WD support

Looks like it is storage server 2012R2 so that iso will not work

Storage server is an OEM only product so you need to get WD onboard. They are zero help in these forums.

Thanks for the reply, - I downloaded a trail of SS, see what happens - I have all the info to activate it, be nice if it were this easy!

The OS installed, but not all the drivers for the devices are there, specifically the network ports. That stops me from even trying to activate the OS. All else looks good - sees the drives, looks like I can build and format an array when I get to it - just those silly drivers.

Any clues? I have emailed WD Support, don’t know when to expect an answer though.


network drivers should be a given with server install. If they show in device mgr I guess that means they are enabled in BIOS

You could always plug a wifi nic or usb nic in to connect and see if it finds drivers.

Why do you have this box anyway? Could it have been on ebay because the nics were bad?

I plugged in a usb nic, no go - didn’t even show up IIRC. All of them get link and activity, I suppose I better chang Cable, never know, maybe a cat rolled a chair over patch cable.

I have this because it used to belong to the furniture company my wife worked for and I originally set it up for pc back ups for them. Total overkill, but they wanted ftp shares also to supplement dropbox. Anyway when co went under, some ■■■■■ dropped the server on its face, and when it was offered up, I took it for nothing. It is fully functioning as far as I can tell - It lost the OS somehow, I had all passwords and all, but I think someone played a bit hard with it and then got disenchanted. So there was no chance of recovering original load. It would not load Debian nicely, but it did take the eval 2012 SS you suggested, and quite nicely except the NIC functionality. I even downloaded the WD specific software and loaded it up.

And now you know the rest of the story. BTW, my aim is to make this the central component in a home security system.

Like I said, nic’s should be automatic. A usb nic may need drivers
plug a thumb drive or something in the usb port to make sure it is working

Same usb port I use to install the WD software and image of OS.

And when I think about it, the cat 6 cable is used for other things on accaision, and I did recently use it on my tablet with the same usb network dongle I just tried, and I also use the patch cable for other pcs and an RPi I have on my work bench, so it’s not that.

I think I will see if there are NIC device drivers just for the server OS online.

So, I went here:

Downloaded and installed from usb to the 4200 and wala! I got instant network access! So, I am guessing the Trial version of 2012 SS did not have the drivers needed. Noe its on to updating Windows, then trying to activate with the ID. I will actually try that when updates takes a break.

Good deal !

Hi, I have DX4200, cannot find recovery iso anywhere. there are iso downloads for the dx4000 and not sure why not for the dx4200. Per your suggestion we are able to download and install the 2012r2 storage server evaluation edition no problem. however we are not able to convert the evaluation copy to the 2012r2, not letting us convert to WD oem 2012r2 windows storage server workgroup. says this key is not allowed for this version. when run dsim command says no upgrade available. 40 second reset does not work. dashboard does not work. nas is fully functional. All we need is the 2012r2 oem iso recovery. any help would be appreciated.

My only guess is you did not download the same version of storage server as your sticker
or as the dude above, do you have network access?