DX-4000 Shows Invalid Drive on the LCD

Hi Guys,
I have a 8TB WD Sentinel DX4000 the DISK on my device are with MDL:WD2000F9MZ as one of the disks failed the replacement HDD we got from the WD distributor is MDL:WD2000F9YZ this model is listed on the compatibility chart of WD, but yet it shows Invalid Drive on the LCD.

Please advise.

All the numbers have to match. How about after the dash?

Have checked the part number it is WD2000F9YZ-09N20L1* on the HDD, this part number is also present in the compatible list. I spoke to the WD distributor in UAE and as per them the number after the dash does not matter, and it is related to the firmware. I checked my software version it shows where as on the compatibility sheet it shows * = Latest available firmware 1_7_6_21
I am unable to get this firmware too.
Please advise.

The numbers do matter after the dash
take a look at this one. Not saying do it, but decide yourself

What do you suggest the distributor here has only these drives, they work only on the first part of the model number for them anything after the dash does not matter. My device is under warranty and there is no service support from WD for middle east… Kind of stuck in a loop spending money for the drives and not working…

That was my complaint from day 1. You could not tell what a drive was from like Amazon or Newegg. The only way to get the right drive was to get a WD Kit and they are no longer available.
If it is under warranty you should be able to get WD help.
I suppose you could edit the whitelist, but I would make sure I had a backup first. Seems like a dot net update may be breaking a lot of these as well. In all reality it is an old box now. No clue why you have yours. I am a big fan of client backups. If you just need storage you might consider a NAS.
Thecus has a 2 bay W2000 for $350. Includes an SSD drive preloaded with Windows Storage Server Essentials 2012R2. It will do client backups (win7 or newer) as well as storage/NAS
If you just need Storage WD has a DL2100 or 4100. All these come empty and you can just put your WD Drives in them. (After you have copied your data)

Have already opened the case with WD, WD Case ([Deleted-privacy) [ ref:_00DU0Jpn7._500U0RFF2z:ref ]
No response from there… by the way where can I find the whitelist?

please advise.

I found the whitelist.xml at the following location
“C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD Storage Provider”
Is it okay to edit this? also I am not sure how to create a recovery disk for my device, can you please help me with this.

You have to get the recovery ISO from WD as it is no longer available on the WD public website

And how about modifying the whitelist.xml file in the location I mentioned above.

can you please advise on that.

I have never actually done it myself, but others have. My box is not up now, but I would do a search for whitelist*.xml and make sure I found all of them. May be just one though.
then be very careful with your edit. As I said make sure you have a safe copy of your data first of all