DW My Cloud works with macOS Mojave?

Hi, I want to buy a DW My Cloud for my company, but I’m not sure if its work with macOS Mojave, can anybody help me?


@FJS It depends on which device you want to buy. Visit the Learning Center and check out the different devices.

Thank you for your answer @cat0w, I want to buy this device: https://www.wd.com/products/personal-cloud-storage/my-cloud.html#WDBCTL0080HWT-EESN

It says it work with Window / Mac, but in the specification appears “compatible with Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS® X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, or Mountain Lion operating systems” and nothing about Mac OS Mojave…

Do I have to look for another device?


I don’t know since I use Windows, maybe someone else here that uses Apple can answer for you.

Have you been able to find any that are for sale. They are scarce. Wal-Mart and Best Buy haven’t had any for a while in my area and when I checked Dell a few days ago they no longer showed any for sale. WD may have some and you may find some with an Amazon search.

Ok, thank you @cat0w!