DVR Not Seeing My Passport Drive Sometimes

I have an Iview DVR … when my passport is hooked up to it, I will get a message no device found. When I unhook the drive and rehook it the DVR will see it. If I turn the DVR off and on again I will get the message about the device not being connect and I have to go through the same procedure. I had to make sure the DVR could see it before I recorded something. The first time I program it to record it worked. Then I tried recording another show. It gave all indications it was recording, but when I when to look up the program it was not there.

Is the drive defective? My other WD externals work find with the DVR. I have more than one of the same DVR and the passport drive will act the same on all the other recorders … no device connected … disconnect reconnect and it see it. Should I send it back to WD while it is still under warranty?

Happy Holidays! :slight_smile: