DVR-MS files (Recorded TV) - No DD 5.1 output?

I am stumped by this, I have been using WDTV Live Hub ever since the day it was launched, But I had never attempted to play DVR-MS files which I have on my WIN XP MCE 2005 HTPC

Yesterday, I thought of playing some archived Recorded TV Media using my USB drive and was surprised to see those files played well (Video) however, the audio was limited to STEREO only why? :cry: The same files play perfectly well in DD 5.1 on my HTPC

I attempted optical connection, HDMI connection, but all gives me is 2-channel output…

What is wrong that I am doing?

Has anyone attempted to play DVR-MS files in full surround sound DD 5.1 via optical or HDMI? can you share your experiences?

Best wishes


Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t use DVR-MS files but I can confirm that the manual lists support for that container along with Dolby Digital as an audio codec within that container.

It doesn’t explicitly state support for for 5.1 but it doesn’t specify that for any other container either.

Like the inability of MP4 containers to stream DD 5.1, I think this can safely be categorised as a bug.

The audio output code as a whole needs improving, hopefully that’s something they’re prioritising…

I am pleased to report that this problem wherein DVR-MS files (Recorded TV) Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio output problem is fixed with FW release 2.04.13, Thank you WD for listening to the community and we appreciate your hard work on fixing these problems for us.