Dvd will not play anylonger on new tv

The dvd menu worked perfectly to watch several series on one dvd on our old crt tv.
We have a new panasonic lcd tv and now we can’t see the menu.
The first serie will play by pressing play on the folder,
But this is very annoying if we want to see the last serie.
We tried connecting by hdmi or the old way, avi composite, it doesn’t make any difference
Any ideas?

Are you saying that with your WD live and an old TV you could get a DVD menu but now that you have a new TV you cannot?
Have you changed anything on your WD live as I cannot see how the TV will make any difference.

The only thing that changed, was the hdmi connection,
We tried to change a lot of settings, even the old connection, nothing helps…?

What WD model do you have?
How do you rip your DVDs?