DVD videos showing they are playing but no picture/sound

When I first got my WD HDTV Live it worked fine. I haven’t used it in a couple of months an when I tried to play DVD files (VOB) the system loaded each file and acted like it was playing them but there was no picture or sound. I thought maybe the hard drive went bad so I plugged it in to my computer to test. It was recognized and the same DVD files played with no issue on the computer. I haven’t updated the WD HDTV Live so I guess this could be the issue. If not, any ideas as to what I could try to get this to work again? Thanks for the help!

Does it play other Videos OK? You could try resetting it.

Playing a DVD on a computer is not the same as playing a DVD through a hardware media player. They are two different and incompatible video systems. If the TV screen is black, the most common issue is HDMI handshaking. You need to set up your digital TV’s HDMI port to recognise the WDTV Live output. Try a component cable connection between the digital TV and the WDTV Live. If that works you need to find the same resolution on your digital TV that is generated by the WDTV Live.

Well, here’s the thing. It’s an older tv and I’m pretty sure there is no HDMI input for the tv. Is it possible there is something else wrong? The reason I say that is because I used the media player on a similar tv with no issue before now.

You can either try a Harry Potter wand or plug the WDTV Live into a HD digital TV with HDMI, component and composite inputs and test the box on all three inputs.

Sarcasm/smart@$$ response duly noted.


WD provides a support page to assist people with their WDTV Live installation.


I would suggest that you read through the support base.

You requested technical assistance because your WDTV Live is not working. You have refused to disclose enough information to make a professional diagnostic.

People are not mind readers.

This is an international English speaking forum.

There are three incompatible analogue TV systems used worldwide. NTSC; PAL; SECAM.

There are four main digital systems used worldwide. DVB; ATSC; ISDM; DTMB.

There are numerous codecs in circulation that will work on a computer, but will not work on the WDTV Live. You will have to ask WD why the incompatibility.

There is enough information in your TV user manual and the WDTV Live manual to successfully interface your TV and WDTV Live. If you cannot resolve your WDTV Live issue, WD are the product manufacturers and the appropriate course of action. I suggest contacting the WD service centre and return the WDTV Live for a warranty or service repair.