DVD (VIDEO-TS) and Blue Ray (BDMV) structures

Hi there,

i have copied some DVD (VIDEO-TS) and Blue Ray (BDMV) on my HDD connected on my WD TV Live but they are not displayed in the list of video files.

Are those not supported ?

Many thanks !

They are, at least as ISO images. You should still see the folders if you access them locally, though.


In fact I had copied those 2 DVD and BR structures after having copied some mkv, avi and iso files, and I had to “eject” and do some ma,ipulayions (like deleting some temp files the WD had copied on the HDD) to finally be able to see the DVD and BR directory structures.

Only issue I have now is that on a competitor (more expansive) brand, you just have to select the root dir of the DVD or BR structure, and it reads the DVD / BR as a real DVD / BR (going through the menus, etc …)

Here with the WD TV Live, it sees the DVD or BR structure as a fiolder where you have to enter in and select your vob or whatever files you want … this is nt user friendly, unless there is an option for the WD TV live to recognize a DVD or BR structure and handle it as such ?

Press PLAY instead of ENTER.

great !!! and effectivel the “play” button plays like a DVD player where the “OK” button enters in the directory structure.

Only thing is for my Blue Rays which are not supported by the WD TV Live, can you confirm (structures with CERTIFICATE and BDMV)

Structures with VIDEO-TS and AUDIO_TS are ok …


Haven’t tried it on the old LIVE in a file, on the current model PLAY works on the STREAM folder.

Sorry I do not understand your point …

Are you sating you have never tried a Blue Ray structure ?

But is it supposed to be suported ??

I haven’t tried on the old LIVE cause I’m using MKV only. I’ve only tested a BD rip on the current Live but even then I’d go with ISO.