Dvd sub folders

Used Dvd shrink to rip my dvd collection to files. Some movies on the hub have sub folders, some dont, so that makes the alphabatized order messed up. it shows a-z with sub folders, then a-z without, There really isnt any sub folders, just the hub has made em that way. if you look at the drive via computer/network all movie folders are the same, 1 folder, inside that folder is the vob files. so why is the hub seeing some folders differently? thx for any input.

Are you converting your movies to VOB single files or are you converting to a full DVD Rip, with menus and all?

full dvd files with menus and all.

its really annoying :frowning:

the group that the hub shows with sub folders is first a-z, then the group without sub folders is next a-z, 2 of my lethal weapon movies are shown with sub folders so they are in the first group, the other 2 lethal weapon dont have sub folders so they are in the second group, not grouped together,

as i said though, NONE of my movies have sub folders, they were ripped to one folder, then transfered to the hub.

well i figured it out, but a pain in the rear.

had to change computer settings to show hidden files.

then went to the hub, moved all the folders that were showing sub folders into one folder, went thru and deleted the jpg and the xml doc for each movie, then i deleted all files in all three hidden folders on the hub, .wd_tv,     .uploadtemp,    .miocrawler_cache, then unplugged it for a few minutes. plugged back in, it compiled library, checked it to make sure it moved the movies i wanted into the folder, and the others ones i didnt were still there. shut it off, back to computer, moved all the movies that had showed sub folders back into the main section of movies, went to the 3 hidden folders, deleted all files inside again, unplugged it, waited a few, plugged back in and it compiled, and it perfect now. other then havin to re scan all the folders for the cover art and details.

what a pain!

Nevermind, its not fixed, it changed back on its own…

im very disappointed with this thing.

any advice on getting this to stop i need it.

about ready to use a hammer to fix it.

going to try rolling back the firmware on it, didnt have this issue until i did the recent update a few days ago.

back to that last firmware, it works and all is back to normal. i guess the idea of dont fix it(update) unless you need it is accurate.