DVD recorder back up

Is it possible for me to transfer films from my DVD recorder to MYCloud? And, can it be done wirelessly. I’m a technical novice and I’ve got the TV and the MYCloud networked. I’d like to know if I can connect the DVD recorder as well.

You can transfer converted MP4 files (you will need to bring your own software to do that) to the mycloud by copying them onto the network share.

Sadly, the mycloud itself has no knowledge of DVD media. Plugging such a device in directly on the USB port will not result in a mounted device, at least not to my knowledge. (IIRC, the support for virtual CD drives is a feature of the EX2 and bigger class devices, and the features lack the needed goodies in the MyCloud consumer options, meaning the FS drivers needed just arent there. I would have to double check that though.)

A typical DVD recorder records an MPEG-2 stream onto a disc. Sounds like what you want instead is a kind of consumer friendly DVR, that can save onto an SMB share. (Aside from community made ones that run on Linux, you wont find these. For some reason, DVR makers just love locking down the files they create behind layers and layers of obfuscation to keep the user from copying them off the DVR and onto other devices.)

What model is it?

Does it have an Ethernet port, or WiFi?

I have an old Humax PVR. I can pull out the HDD, plug it in to a spare SATA socket, and run a utility (humaxrw) to pull off the .ts files. But it’s not HD; IIRC, either the DVB or Freeview HD spec says HD recordings must be encrypted.

More information is needed. What model/brand DVD recorder do you have? Are the films stored on the DVD recorder or are you just copying DVD’s with the recorder? Is that DVD recorder networked (connected via ethernet) to the same local network as the My Cloud?

Your question really has nothing to do with the My Cloud since the My Cloud cannot “see” the DVD recorder. Rather it all has to do with the capabilities of the DVD recorder itself and if media can be pulled off that DVD recorder either by the recorder operation menu itself or through external means like connecting the recorder to a PC…

Sorry if this question is not really relevant. I have some films stored on the Hard drive of the dvd recorder. Instead of putting them onto discs, I thought I’d try and store them on the MYCloud. The DVD is a Panasonic DMR-BWT735 and I have got it networked to the router by WiFi. It does have an Ethernet socket, but the TV and DVD are in a different room to the router. In the DVD instruction manual, it says you can connect an external USB HDD, but you need to register it first. If it’s possible to use the MYCloud like this, I’d just have to unplug it from where it is, next to the router and then connect it to the DVD recorder. I just didn’t know if it could be done wirelessly. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Spec sheet says it will operate as a DLNA Server and Client


So, if you connected it to your router by Ethernet, and told the MyCloud Twonky server to use its ‘AutoCopy’ aggregation mode, Twonky ought to copy the video for you, into its ‘Shared Media’ folders. See the question “Q. What are the ‘Shared Media’ folders for?” in the Twonky FAQ:

I’ve never tried using the Aggregation mode.

No, you cannot connect the MyCloud to the DVD recorder’s USB port; they are both USB Host ports, intended to drive a slave USB HDD. The MyCloud is not a USB HDD.

Another option is to use a USB hard drive to copy the data from the DVD recorder and then attache that USB drive to the MY Cloud (or to a local networked PC) and copy the files from the USB drive to the My Cloud. See the user manual for the DMR-BWT735 for directions to copy media to a USB hard drive.


Thank you. I have got another external hard drive, so I will try that. I didn’t properly understand what the manual was talking about when it said about a USB HDD, being a bit slow technology-wise.Thanks for both the explanations.