DVD Player INTERFACE, MENUS, and Standard DVD player FEATURES ***PLEASE***

I keep copies of DVD discs (the entire DVD disc image folder) on my hardrives.  The latest firmware allows me to see my list of FOLDER NAMES (movie names), and then go inside a folder to select the VIDEO_TS folder, then select the VIDEO_TS.VOB file inside to play the movie.  An absolutely fantastic firmware upgrade.

Basically, with this latest firmware (1.01.11),  WDTV will simply PLAY DVD files, PAUSE them, and will run FASTFORWARD and BACKWARD at a few speeds, and STOP the movie. 

However, the firmware update doesn’t allow me to VIEW THE DVD MENU, SELECT SCENES, JUMP TO MARKERS/SCENES, SELECT SUBTITLE OPTIONS, ETC, ETC.   All the things that any basic DVD Player software will do.   Can I ask WESTERN DIGITAL to add a more robust DVD player experience in the next upgrade of their firmware?

If I plug my drives into any computer I own, and use the computer’s ‘DVD player’ to access these stored files, they play exactly as though they were discs put into a DVD player, so I suspect there must  be a fairly accessible software solution to creating a DVD-like viewing experience through the WDTV box.

Thanks for this great box, and hopefully we’ll see this firmware upgrade soon. 

^^^^^   I SECOND THAT ^^^^^^

Robert Pfeifer

Pifemaster Productions


*** I third that. ***

Would be a great improvement indeed.  Selecting individual *.vob files with cryptic names isn’t very user friendly at all – particularly for the young and older folks, and also all those non-technical people out there.  I tried teaching half a dozen people from those above groups how to do this and it wasn’t pretty and they’re no dummies. 

Strong product support is what makes or breaks a consumer entertainment device and it was the continued firmware updates that drew me to buy the Live after seeing the support for its predecessor.


God, please get this feature working.  The cheaper MediaGate can handle the ifo files perfectly yet the WD TV Live can’t.

you have to go here to vote, click on the UP arrow


if there are enough votes, the developers might work on this.

This is absolutely must especially if you have a DVD with music videos.