DVD onto Media Hub - My Brain Death

I recently purchased and very much like the HD Media Hub.

I had 70 DVDs ripper to an external USB drive, and they transferred easily to the Hub.

I have many unprotected DVDs.

I surely am missing something, but how does one get the DVD contents to the Hub?  It does not recognize my USB DVD drive. It does not see a DVD drive on networked computers.

Any input appreciated.

I guess I don’t understand the question.

You said you copied 70 DVDs to the Hub.

What’s the matter?   Do they not play when you choose them?

You need to connect to the hub via the network port, then on your pc you can view the hard drive as a network drive.

You can then just drag over any files you require, its slow though so be prepared for 70 movies to take a while.

Of course though plugging in your usb drive to the hub should have worked, but there may be an incompatibility with your drive so go the network route.