DVD menus

Does the Live Hub support the original DVD menus when playing from an .iso?

And if so, with any limitations? And how about Blu-Ray menus?

J. Jespersen


Yes, the HUB does support DVD.iso menus, with no limitations that I can see.


No known issues for DVD (exactly like using a DVD player). I believe BluRay ISO works fine too.


MENU -> “Options”->“Menu”

*I believe everything is explained in the manual (online) except how to properly RIP. Currently for DVD I use the free programs “passkey lite” and “imgburn” and:

  1. Start “passkey lite” (i leave it OFF by default)

  2. Start “imgburn”

  3. Insert the DVD to rip

  4. Close any windows that pop up besides the above two programs

  5. in Imgburn-> “Create Image File from Disc”

*You can even send the ISO file directly to your WDTVLIVEHUB if it’s on the network (wi-fi would be very slow though). I usually copy directly to a USB drive then unmount it, insert it in my WDHUB, SYNCH (copy) it to its hard drive then MOVE IT if need be using Windows Explorer on my computer.