DVD menu not supported?


does anybody know of a way to use DVD menus with the WDTV Live player? Especially for my kids it’s quite complex to play a movie without access to the menu.

Will this be in a next firmware upgrade…??


Unfortunately not at the moment, it is the most requested thing on both the Live and Gen1 WDTV.

The best option if you just want to watch the main movie is to use DVD Decrypter or DVDFab (which are both free to rip DVDs to HDD) to create an ISO of the disc, but remove the additional content from the ISO.

My whole media collection are exact copies of the original DVDs in ISO format. Menus and all… What will I expect when I try to play one of my movies? I have been shopping around for a while and this is the deal breaking question.

all of my dvds are 1:1 iso copies and wd tv live plays them perfectly just without the menus which hopefully will come along at a later date

it also plays my 1:1 bluray iso’s without a hitch

Awesome! I just picked one up. Thank you for the response!

I’m expecting a patch next week to fix this :slight_smile: