DVD ISO Playback Stops Before Menu Appears

Hey all.  I’m having trouble playing back my DVD ISO files

I backed up my P90X3 DVDs to keep them from getting scratched from constant use.  Reasonable and legal right?  

Anyway,   I copied the ISO files to my live hub and some of them will not play correctly.

When I select the disc I want to use (say disc 3 - Agility X and Triometrics)  it will play the warning and all the preliminary stuff, but when the menu should show up, it just stops and returns to the menu.

I’ve also tried using Video_TS folders and the same thing happens.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.   I don’t want to use mkvs, avi, or mp4s because I need to be able to repeat certain parts of the workout and it’s really easy to skip back to the beginning of an exercise with the iso format.  

I had the same problem with Focus T-25 as well.  It’s leading me to think this is some kind of copyright protection in place, which is understandable, but I need a way around this.  I own the DVDs so I’d like to use them in my home in a digital format.

Playback of workout DVDs has become the primary use of my player and I don’t want to look elsewhere.  Has anyone else had this problem?  How did you fix it?

I would suggest you try different ripping software.