DVD ISO media recorded using DVD_VR function does not play with Menus

As I keep evaluating the WD TV LIVE HUB media Center Player which I purchased recently, I would like the WD community made aware that the DVD_VR recorded ISO files do not play with it’s menus at all it just sits there with a blank screen

The same DVD_VR recorded ISO Files from my LITEON-DVDRW DVD Recorder LWV-5001 using which I have created tons of Home Video recordings do not play in WD TV LIVE HUB Media Center Player the same plays fine in WD TV Live Plus with the BETA firmware Beta v1.03.43

There is definitely some Bug in the official FW Release 2.02.16 (10/26/10) in this regard, It also manifests itself wherein certain ripped DVD ISO file Menus also do not work but it rare hit and miss.

As you may have already seen one of my previous posts wherein if Media Library is turned off, playback resume function fails with Release 2.02.16 (10/26/10)

Please add this new *BUG* wherein certain DVD ISO’s created with DVD_VR recording technique by some hardware based DVD Recorders fail to present DVD Menus in WD TV LIVE Hub unit.

BTW, the same files play (WITHOUT menus ofcourse) if you attempt to play them in PREVIEW mode, Obviously that Piece of code is different than playing with DVD menu code.

WD If you are reading this post Please make a note of this *BUG* Please investigate this matter and fix the problem.

Thank you.

Best wishes

Vistawall:  Little consolation, but try this:  Set your VIEW mode to PREVIEW.   Then just go highlight one of the DVR-VR disks.   Does it launch in the PREVIEW WINDOW?   (This is a way to bypass DVD menus, by the way, making it very similar to stock firmware on the Live (Non-Hub).)

I have written the same above in my original post, yes! it does work in PREVIEW mode without Menus Ofcourse.


Yes, you did. Sorry… :slight_smile:

I also am having problems playing .iso dvd files.  The files mostly stutter or totally freeze.   I have resorted to saving the files as .mkv but then I lose the menus.  :frowning:

Your problem sounds completely unrelated; you should probably not be in this thread, but start your own.

Hi, Have you found a solution yet? I encountered the same issue with Sony DVD recorders and am stuck with 60+ non-playable family video ISOs which defeat the whole reason I got the Live Hub for in the first place :slight_smile:

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This Problem is fixed with FW release 2.04.13… Thank you WD for listening to the community, We appreciate your hard work on the new Firmware.