DVD ISO choppy playback on 2.03.24

After update i have problems with DVDs ISO, they all playing choppy. Rolled back to 2.02.19 and they are playing fine

Anybody else has the same problem?

What’s the location of your file? Are you playing it from the internal HDD, USB attached drive or network PC? I’ve been playing DVD ISOs from my NAS and haven’t seen any issues yet.

All my DVD’s are in iso format and I have no problems. I can play OK from the hub and via network shares from a NAS.

99% of what I do on the hub is DVD ISO…  In fact, I’m watching an episode of CASTLE, Disk 2, (Season 1 Episode 5) right now…   No problems doing ISOs over NAS, ever.

I had the same problem. What fixed it was turning off the DLNA server in the setup menu. I have no idea why, but that does it.