DVD-ISO (480p) vs. Encoded BR-720p & BR-1080p

By and large, I found DVD ISO files are about the same size as encoded 720p rips of the same movie and 1080p is twice the size. Of course, there are so many variables that affect encoded file size, that these are very rough approximations.

Since DVD ISO files & BR 720p rips consume roughly equivalent disk space, which do you prefer? Why?

In theory, a 720p rip should have noticably better picture and sound, and the tradeoff should be just DVD menus & extra content vs. improved main movie. I noticed 720p (and 1080p) rips can look incredible when paused, but the encoding process introduces quality losses that sometimes include jerky picture, particularly when the camaera pans. Encoded videos seem to have more blurring during action shots.

Since it’s so much more painful to get BR content onto the WD player, I’m wondering how many other users find it worth the hassle and disk space.

Dunno what crappy sources you use but my own BD rips in 1080p are at least 3x the size of the corresponding DVD. Also ripping a BD with MakeMKV is virtually no different from ripping a DVD with DVD Shrink.