Dvd drive shared!

Has anyone tried to network share a dvd drive?

i’ve tried it but the wdtv live hub just hangs when trying to access it.

Or should i use a media server?

What are you playing on the DVD drive?

You may have to have anydvd installed  on the pc with the shared dvd drive before the wd hub will play the disc.

The dvd most likely is encrypted. Having anydvd installed will remove the encryption.

It probably will also be slow to read from the drive.

I don’t own a Live Hub, but I’ve done it with a WDTV Live.

As pointed out, alone it won’t properly stream an encrypted disc, but I’ve played non-encrypted discs from a shared drive.

It all depends on your server whether you can do it through Media Servers.  I know the stock server that comes with Windows Media Player won’t serve a DVD to another device, no matter how much you curse at it – WMP will only play DVDs locally.

well i’ve yet tried with neither a media server nor with the latest firmware…

but i had the dvd drive shared and it the dvd drive share displayed fine on the hub.

However, when trying to access the content of the dvd drive, the hub just hangs …

The dvd that was in the dvd drive was no encrypted and i’ve also tried with a data disc… but it just hangs.

Hi Firetix,

On my side, the hub can read the DVD drive through the network. I have the latest firmware installed. You could try this one.

However, this is not perfect: the hub still doesn’t find the DVD vob files in the VIDEO folder and simply says “there is no media files in this folder”. I am using anydvd (not the latest version though), so there should be no trouble with DVD encryption. 

Did someone manage to read its shared DVD on the hub through the network?

Ok, I finally managed to read from the PC-DVD drive. Here is how I did it: - anyDVD running on the computer. Note: I made a successful trial with DVD43, a anyDvd free-like software. - a gigabit network connection between the PC and the WD. I used a gigabit switch and the appropriate cables. You can forget about wifi, the data rate will be too low. Also a basic 100Mb ethernet network was too slow to handle the DVD throughput. - A UPnP software on the PC, to share the drive content. I am using fuppes (free). Note: the network share doesn’t work, this seems to be a kind of voluntary limitation inside the WD. Then the WD can see the DVD drive and play the files from it. There is one drawback: it reads only vob file by vob file (part of the film each only). I need to find out how to make a playlist + how to keep the selected audio settings when changing files. Still working on it.

thx for reverting back will try all of these.

But since i can access my shared dvd drive via my ps3. I Will probably not use it with the hub!