DVD Artwork, how to add

Hi folks.  I have searched for this in the forum, but I cannot find.  This is probably because it is very elementary and probably a dumb question…but anyway.

I am streaming movies in various formats from my WD Network Harddrive to my WD TV Live player.  But, I do not have any artwork displaying.  I can add a .jpg file of the DVD artwork to the folder, but how do I get it to display on my list of movies?

Any help would be great!  The system works great, this is simply for aesthetic purposes.

Have you made the jpg the same file name as the movie.

eg. Superman.mp4


richUK’s comments work only if you’re using Network Share to connect to the network drive.   If you’re using Media Server, thumbnails aren’t supported unless they’re imbedded in the file, and even then, only some filetypes work.

Thanks for the guidance guys, I will try that and report back.  I am using network share, as when I use media share it doesn’t want to play all files types for some reason.

Worked great, thank you for the help!