DVB logic server on PR2100

I have just purchased the PR2100 and it is working very well. Listed in the apps is the DVB Logic server for TV recording.
I installed this and my usb tuner was recognised and all the channels are working. However, the app tells me that i have to update it as there is a newer version. How can i do this as the DVB Logic website does not have the PR2100 model listed and there is no mention of the DVB Logic server on your website supported Apps page yet it appears on the listed apps when logged in to the PR2100 apps page. Is there a way of updating the app from within the Pr2100 settings?

DL2100 is listed and it has also 64-bit Intel processor as PR2100, so I believe that its update will work without any issues, if you will be able to install it.
First download DL2100’s version to your PC, then from zip file extract dl2100’s bin file and install it manually through MyCloud dashboard.

Thanks for the help but i still get the error ‘failed to install app’. I think i will have to stick with the old version.

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I contacted DVBLogic. They said that WD release the upgrades. I contacted WD- they said that DVBLogic has to release an update. Kind of stuck here. At least they should release updates to 5.5 - the preinstalled version is from July 2015.

Feel free to try my TV Mosaic package.
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I’ve tested it with a TV Butler device.