DV AVI Request

A big request to please, please, please incorporate raw DV AVI output in the next firmware upgrade.  Seems simple enough.  Many of us have hundreds of gigs of home videos backed up on hard drives in the raw format.

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This issue has already been reported/requested in our Idea Exchange. Add your vote and comment if it is something you would like to see supported.



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Ditto.  Seems rather curious that a ubiquitous format would be excluded - not to mention needlessly burdensome (in that its absence necessitates format conversion).

Wendy, I would like to VOTE for this feature, which frankly I thought was already included within the capacity of  the hardware.  It is astonishing that it cannot play the most basic form of AVI files.  How exactly do I cast my vote?  I followed the link you provided but I don’t see where to support the inclusion of a fix for this in a future firmware update.  Thanks.

I believe this is the link for the DV idea. Click on the left hand arrow to vote.


Thanks richUK. To vote, just click on the button that looks like this:



please add this.  I cannot watch my home movies!!!

By default the included chipset does not support the dvc25 codec, besides, those raw DV AVI files are quite lengthy - About 13Gb for a 1 hour SP MINI DV.  I recommend using TsunamiMPEG to compress them to high quality MPEG-2, high bit rate - the results will be very good.  I have used this codec to compress DV to MPEG-2 with excellent results, much smaller sizes too, this is a feature already requested to WD -  There is a limit as to how many codecs they can add to their unit, in terms of cost.

The WD TV SHOULD READ DV CODEC as it is essential codec.

On every home hard disk there are many many  pieces of  films in this format.

it is very time consuming to convert these files to MPEG  and the TsunamiMPEG software is SLOW.

The people  from WD made  more then few mistakes when planning this streamer.

Can not  read DVD neither (VOB files  or the Video folder).

Can not read FLV files.

Can not read meny windows codecs used in the past. all of them to be exact.

And this machine is here  to help us see our memories in digital form!!!

it is a shame.

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I am sure many people will buy this product when it will support DV AVI files (I did not because of this major point)

The number of users worldwide having DV camcorder AVI files must be very high (already 4 of them in my small family…)

If I was a marketing person at WD, I would not think twice:  a big market is here!

But don’t worry, it’s a free advice…

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yes same problem i have 100’s of avi and wmv files and the wdtv live is not able to play them .

I dont know when will wd add will fix this issue