During update on my safe point dashboard says 100% complete incorrectly

Trying to do update on my safe point copy and dashboard indicates 100% complete but currently copying. This has remained the status after 3 hours. So either it has completed but not updated dashboard screen to indicate complete or it is still updating and has incorrectly indicates it is 100% complete.
Anyone else seen this? I am using WD My passport 2TB for the safe point and the 4TB WD cloud to update from. The size of the safe point is 790Gb and there is 1.2TB free space on my passport.
I suspect that the update is continuing but dashboard status 100 complete is misleading to say least.
Just seems very flakey to me.

Was the Safepoint eventually completed? Which firmware revision do you currently use, and has this happened in the past?

Firmware 04.04.02. 105 Update firmware says its up to date.

Dashboard screen unchanged since 10 am yesterday i.e 40 hours indicating update 100% complete but still says currently copying.

First time i’ve tried update on a safe point

At 09:15 After 20 hrs dashboard still says CURRENTLY COPYING 0% copied yet if I look at the notifications (the tag with the bell) it says safepoint completed successfully at 2:37:00 PM ??? CODE 2100
Time must be wrong as when I was checking yesterday up until 11 pm last night this had not appeared and now at 9:15 there it is. So where do I stand? Is it successful as notification says or still copying as dashboard says? And is the clock working?
Never come across such poor software WD should be ashamed.

Have you called WD Support? Not that they are really any help, but at least you have a ticket to show you are having issues in case you need to RMA the device.

You got that correct!

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