Duplicates on Twonky

This is only a small problem, but it’s driving me nuts! For some reason, certain movie titles are appearing twice on Twonky.

Take the movie American Psycho; I’ve searched my MyCloud drive and there’s two items with the title American Psycho, an .mkv video and JPEG image, both stored in the same folder. However, accoring to Twonky, it’s there twice as a 2.5GB file.

I have around 80 movies on MyCloud and this has only happened to around 6-7 of them but I don’t know why? I know it’s not because the .mkv and JPEG are in the same directory because I do this for all my moives, so does anyone know why this would happen?

I’ve tried clearing the cache on Twonky but this hasn’t helped.

I’ve sorted this, it was as easy as copying the the files to my desktop and copying them back the the NAS drive!


Thank you for posting the solution. Glad to know everything is working as it should.