Duplicates/ Discovery/ How to Remove

I recently aqcuired a home for testing. Its been about a week and this what i have run into at the moment. Its a 8gb white label My Cloud Home. To download your Onedrive Or google drive you allow oauth access to your account and it begins download./ Well one problem, If power goes out, your kid shuts off your switch or the neighbors hack your wifi and reboots your modem. All things that could happen. You will be forced to re-download and introduce duplicates to your gallery of fine things you back up. to save time and space I have taken screenshots on how to detect/and delete.

As you can see there is two Onedrive Folders containing the same items…


If you try to delete from file explorer it will take your hours if not days. Easy route.

cmd then z: then del dir

More to Come…

Brannon B