Duplicated music file names with Samsung Smart TV - duplicates will not read

I have all my music library on my My Cloud.

When I view my music through my Smasung Smart TV, some (and only some!) of the folders show duplicated files for certain songs.  Even in those folders only some of the songs are showing as duplicated.  In reality there is only one copy of each of the songs that appear duplicated.  Only one version of the songs that appear duplicated will play, the other says it is the wrong sile format.  One shows with the album art, and the other doesn’t.  Very odd!

Just to balance things, the same library connected through a USB hard drive does not show duplicated songs, so I can only imagine that the My Cloud is serving up some false directory information to the TV.

Any ideas how I can sort this out?  It’s really irritating as the random play function just gets stuck whenever it reaches one of these duplicated file names.


The same happens to me, and only in specific folders, and with video files as well - mine is an LG - lg47la640v


I just needed to go into the My Cloud console.  Choose settings, then media.  You’ll see an option to rebuild the DLNA database.  Choose that option.

In my case all duplicates have gone, and all files are now playable.  It looks like the DLNA database was corrupted, so the rebulid fixed it.

I hope this works for anyone else with a similar problem.


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Cool - will try that, hope it works as its really irritating to click on a file and be told that format is not supported 

Hi punitb1

Just curious if the fix worked for you.  Might be good for others that see this post to know too.


Yes - the fix works.  Doesn’t stop more duplicates happening and the ongoing need to tell MyCloud to rescan. but it certaily cleans up the duplicates and allows all correct format files to play the way they should.