Duplicate shares & users in explorer

Hi All,

I’m hoping that someone can assist me with this weird quirk.

I have somehow inadvertently created  a duplicate share and user in windows explorer

In My Network Places I now have a second user called, “public on Mybooklive” which is a duplicate of the default user, “public on My Book Live Network Storage (Mybooklive)” . I also have a duplicate share called, “a on Mybooklive” which is duplicate of the share I created called, “A on My Book Live Network Storage (MyBookLive)”.

I’d like to remove the duplicates and prevent this from further happening.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Use the support request button form on the MyBook Live’s dsashboard to request help from Western Digital Support. That will collate and sent your NAS’s log files together with your support request.

OK Thanks.

I did contact support but not by the means you suggested. So far we haven’t determined what’s going on.