Duplicate Photos

I have had my MyCloudMirror Gen 2, for a couple of years .I finally understand how that happened (thanks to this forum), but I have 4 and 5 copies of some of them. I sure wish there was a app that could run on the MyCloud that would constantly crawl through and get rid of these duplicates. There are some apps out there but no clear frontrunner of all the ones that are out there and I would have to run it on my laptop but because I work on the machine and that might slow it down

Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Not to be THAT GUY;

but your post seems familiar. . . . Duplicate Photos - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / My Cloud - WD Community

So - - - as it happens; WD is about to launch a subscription app to do this very thing. Funny the coincidence here.

Of course, the only way it will work is by using the indexing process pushed by OS/5 for web access.

From reading posts, and my own experience with an EX2 ultra. . . .this indexing process SHOULD NOT BE RUN on a MyCloudMirror, OR the older MyCloud. Performance on these units is abysmal; and there are numerous reports of the older MyCloud getting BRICKED by running the software.

I watched OS5 index 1TB of data on an EX2 Ultra. . . while the process worked; I found the performance of the software flatly barely tolerable.

For more powerful units, the indexing process was supplemented by a transcoding process (so you could watch your hi-rez videos in low rez over the web). While it didn’t flat out brick the more powerful units. . . .people reported indexing progress as low as 1% per day. . .with the unit basically unusable in that time.

In the 10 months since OS5 appeared; the fundamental flaws of the indexing process have NOT been addressed and barely acknowledged. The only substantive improvement was a button to make the horrible transcoding process optional.

There are numerous Folder Comparison programs (I use FolderMatch) that can do what you describe as a manual process.

I would be very, very suspicious of any software that functions as you describe that runs as a continuously crawling background app

How will the program distinguish between duplicates and backups?
What happens when I put the same image in two different directories for distribution to different people? How will the program deal with file img0010.cr2; of which is produced every 10,000 frames of every canon camera I have? (PS: I have multiple NAS drives. … . .there is a reason for that. . .and it relates the number of cameras that periodically produce img0010.cr2)

no - - - this type of software can easily run amok and be very damaging. And it absolutely should not be allowed to run as a background process. . . .for reasons too numerous to discuss.