Duplicate Images in WD Photo

I added two new folders with images in my Public/Shared Pictures shares on my WD My Book Live drive yesterday.  Today, I installed an update to WD Photo on my Android tablet.  Now, WD Photo is displaying duplicate images in these two folders even though there are no duplicates in the folders on the WD My Book Live drive.  One folder with 11 images has 45 in WD Photo (5 of one image and 4 of the other 10) and the other folder with 24 images has 48 in WD Photo (2 of each image).

Has anyone else seen this odd behavior and can anyone offer any insight into what causes it or how to fix it?

I saw that once before on iPad / iPod Touch, but it’s been a while.   The fix for me was to clear the database on the MBL and let it rebuild.

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Thanks, I’ll give rebuilding the database a shot.

Rebuilding the database fixed the problem.  I had already rebuilt the Media database (Settings/Media/Twonky/Status/Rebuild) to no avail but I suppose the solution was to also rebuild the WD Photo database (Settings/Remote Access/Advanced/WD 2go Server/Rebuild).

I had missed that the WD Photo database rebuild was under the Remote Access function.

Thanks for the help.